This is stuff relating to how the game works.

Gold CoinsEdit

The de-facto currency.  Earned in-game and used to buy everything that is not premium.


Other forms of medium to buy certain in-game contents.

Starting ItemsEdit

Items that could give you an edge on your run. It could be purchased or won as rewards.


Items encountered during your run.  These impart temporary special abilities to your character.  For instance, Incredible Giant makes you a steamroller capable of demolishing any obstacles in your path.  Magnet allows you to focus on the obstacles up ahead since the stars will be drawn toward you.  Etc.


Character cards represent your runner.  Ranked from D up to S, the higher the rank the better the abilities.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Special abilities are passive boosts from cards and pets that affect how you play the game.  Do you focus on collecting stars or do you take out monsters?  Do you cheer if you see a magnet or do you cheer if you see an incredible giant?


Responsible for adding to your score.  Different stars have different point values.


Compete with your friends or gain rewards by giving them shoes. WR is a multiplayer game and is advised to be enjoyed with your friends.


Obstacles encountered during the run like springs, icicles, and poison clouds. Can either end your run, throw you around, or grant you access to hard to stars beyond your reach.

Tips and TechniquesEdit

Tips, techniques, and notes that may help your score.

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