Premier Summon PetsEdit

Premier summon pets are broken up into four categories with Super Legends and Legends possessing useful abilities in addition to the stat boosts provided by the Super Rares and Rares.

Super LegendEdit


Super RareEdit


Ultimate Summon PetsEdit

Since current ver. 3.5.0 the ultimate summon pets arrived to windrunner obtainable only chests of adventure mode. They are the best in the game actually.

Ultimate Summon PetsEdit

Normal Summon PetsEdit

Since season 2, Normal summon pets could not be summoned because the required summon method does not exist anymore. Their stats are worse than the Premier summon pets.

Normal Edit

Summoning Pet NotesEdit

  • Chance of summoning a rare pet: ~89.5%
  • Chance of summoning a super rare pet: ~9.5%
  • Chance of summoning a legend pet: ~1.0%

  • New Summon Pet System
    • 4 Types of Super Legends are here!
    • Fusion and Evolution possible!  Be sure to get the strongest summon pet ever!
    • Current Design of System
      • Additional summon pets like Sugar Penguin
      • Like character cards, you don't have unique pets anymore.  You can collect multiple types of the same pet.  The limit is 100 pets total.
      • All summon pets can be levelled.  Get one of them to max level and you can evolve it.  So you can evolve rares to super rares, and super rares to legends.  Legends can evolve to super legends.
      • Beware, Evolving consumes the max leveled pet.  This means that if you evolve a useful pet, your useful pet will disappear and you will need to obtain the pet again before releveling it.
      • Select a card to upgrade, and press the upgrade button.  Then select pets to sacrifice in order to level up.  You can use all types (rares, super rares, legends) to upgrade a pet.  However, try not to sacrifice the useful pets by mistake.
      • A pet with levels has more exp point value than a pet Lv 0.  Testing has not been performed to see whether it would be more efficient to level a pet before using the leveled pet to level a rarer pet.  e.g. bring a rare pet to Max Lv before using it to level a super rare.  Looks like it's less efficient.  When testing with rares, the level up bar moves less if you feed a Lv2.66 Rare (lvled with 4 rares [5 rares total]) as compared to leveling the Super Rare with 5 rares directly.
      • Max Level is obtained by filling the bar at Lv 10 to max (legends), Filling the bar at Lvl 5 (super rares),  Filling the bar at Lvl 3 (rares).
      • Upgrading can increase the stats of a pet.  e.g. (Lvl 0 Gaia [Wing Star Score x12, Gold Bonus +25%, Sky Fly Item +0.6sec, Star Magnet Item +10.0sec, Distance Points x5]) (Lvl 7 Gaia [Wing Star Score x15, Gold Bonus +25%, Sky Fly Item +0.9sec, Star Magnet Item +10.7sec, Distance Points x40])
      • There is a strange bug where, if you try and level a pet past detects properly and prevents you from selecting more.  However, the next pet you try to upgrade will not let you select any pets to use for upgrading.  Perhaps...if you tried to upgrade a higher level pet and then went back again, the buttons should work again.

Upgrade CostsEdit

Level Costs
Level Rares Super Rares Legends
R. 0-3 5.R 1.SR (6.R) [-] 1.L (19.R) [-]
S.R. 0 - 5 13.R 3.SR + 1.R (19.R) 1.L (19.R) [-]
L. 0 8.R 1.SR + 3.R (9.R) 1.L (19.R) [-]
L. 1 10.R 2.SR + 2.R (14.R) 1.L (19.R) [-]
L. 2 13.R 3.SR + 1.R (19.R) 1.L (19.R)
L. 3 16.R 3.SR + 4.R (23.R) 1.L + 3.R (22.R)
L. 4 19.R 4.SR + 3.R (27.R) 1.L + 6.R (25.R)
L. 5 23.R 5.SR + 3.R (33.R) 1.L + 10.R (29.R)
L. 6 27.R 6.SR + 3.R (39.R) 2.L + 2.R (40.R)
L. 7 32.R

7.SR + 3.R (45.R)

2.L + 6.R (44.R)
L. 8 36.R 8.SR + 3.R (51.R) 2.L + 10.R (48.R)
L. 9 43.R 10.SR + 2.R (62.R) 3.L + 5.R (62.R)
L. 10 57.R 13.SR + 4.R (82.R) 4.L + 6.R (82.R)
S.L. 0 50 Rares 12 Super Rares + 1 Rare (73 Rares) 3 Legends + 12 Rares (69 Rares)
S.L. 1 58.R 14 Super Rares (84 Rares) 4 Legends + 6 Rares (82 Rares)
S.L. 2 64.R 15.SR + 3.R (93.R) 4 Legends + 13.R (89.R)
S.L. 3 72.R 17.SR + 2.R (104.R) 5.L + 8.R (103.R)
S.L. 4 78.R 19 Super Rares (114 Rares) 6 Legends + 2 Rares (116 Rares)
S.L. 5 86 Rares 20.SR + 4.R (124.R) 6 Legends + 9 Rares (123 Rares)
S.L. 6 93 Rares 22 Super Rares + 3 Rares (135 Rares) 7 Legends + 3 Rares (136 Rares)
S.L. 7 100 Rares 24 Super Rares + 1 Rare (145 Rares) 7.L + 10.R (143.R)
S.L. 8

107 Rares

25 Super Rares + 4 Rares (154 Rares) 8.L + 5.R (157.R)
S.L. 9 114.R 27.SR + 4.R (166.R) 8.L + 12.R (164.R)
  • 1 Legend = 13 Rares [13] + 1 Super Rare [6] = (19 Rares)
  • 1 Super Rare = 5 Rares [5] + 1 Rare [1] = (6 Rares)
  • Values in the table are the combinations needed to bring that current level to the next level.
  • Value accuracy is generally +/- 2 Rares
  • The level-up materials (R, SR, L) are level 0 only.


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