Special AbilitiesEdit

Special Ability Activates Where Found Explanation Notes
Start Dash Use Once
  • All Characters (C-Rank and up)
  • Summon Pet: Tapio
  • Shop Item: Start Dash
  • Fly for a certain number of seconds or distance.
  • Stacks with other Start Dash Items
  • Does not stack with Sky Fly
  • Pulls items while in flight.
Last Spurt Run Ends
  • Summon Pet: Oceanus, currently with all Land Super Legend pets
  • Shop Item: Last Spurt

Fly for an additional number of seconds or distance at the end of a run. 

Run does not count as ended until this item expires.

  • Does not pull items while in flight, however it is possible to run into an item.
  • Does not stack with Sky Fly.
  • Stacks
+Score/Gold Always
  • All Characters
  • All Riding Pets
  • All Summon Pets
Boosts the base score and gold earned by a specific percentage.
Gold x 2 Result Screen
  • Riding Pet: White Tiger
Multiplies the player's gold earned during a run by 2. Currently maxes at 7,650 gold.
Star Score x N Collect a Star
  • Character: Chloe
Multiplies the score earned from each star by N.
Star Bonus x N Collect a group of Stars
  • Character: Leo
Star Bonus is the bonus granted when all of the stars in a group are successfully collected.  This ability multiplies that bonus by N.
Monster Score x N Kill a Monster
  • Character: Stella

Multiplies the score earned from monsters by N.

Fireball Score + N pts Destroy a Fireball
  • Relic
Increases the score earned for each fireball by N points.
Magnet Score x N Magnet is in effect
  • Character: Leo
Multiplies the score earned from stars while magnet is in effect.
  • Luke requires a magnet item for his multilpier to work.  His ability does not apply when you enter a fever and the summon pet's magnet randomly activates.

Lose to: 

  • Monster
  • Fireball
  • Icicle Spike 
  • Poison Cloud
  • Pitfall
  • Crush
  • Riding Pet: Dragon

Grants the player a Resurge-like effect.  The player is allowed to continue their run despite encountering a situation that would normally end it.

Effect regenerates after 30/20 seconds.

  • Player is vulnerable while Recover is regenerating.  Should they lose to an obstacle in this period, the run will end.

Lose to:

  • Monster
  • Fireball
  • Icicle Spike
  • Poison Cloud
  • Pitfall
  • Crush
  • Riding Pet
  • Relic
  • Barrier Upgrade
Allows the player to continue their run despite encountering a situation that would normally end the run.
  • Can be stacked.

Super FeverEdit

When triggered, replaces the regular fever mode.

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